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is a key life skill 
& so much more

Swimming can play a major role in our health, development, success at school, at home and profoundly affect our overall quality of life. Few activities can provide this benefit at EVERY age. Our mission is to help instill these skills and benefits to all who visit our aquatic center.

Every visit to the pool, every swim lesson or swim team practice represents one step in a progression towards great rewards in the water...and out. Water safety leads to confidence, seeding a child's ability to accomplish advanced swimming skills. These skills, in turn, set the stage for a young person to improve, to "swim far and fast", and before long they're watching the competitive team practice and connect  what they're doing to what they can be doing in their future! Our goal is to foster the idea that swimmers are not here "for just a swim lesson". Rather, every step is but one step towards the next great challenges and rewards that are available to all in our awesome sport! 

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Why Learn to Swim?
Water Safety
Swimming is not an instinctive, natural skill for humans. We can not survive in water unless we are taught how to swim. We believe all children and adults should learn to swim. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental deaths relating to children ages 1 to 4, and the 2nd leading cause of death for children ages 1-14.  Our kids face many challenges in our world today. The threat of drowning does not have to be one of them. Participation in swimming lessons can reduce the chances of drowning by 88%(Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 2009) (SEE MORE ON THIS TOPIC)

CRISIS IN THE WATER  (Why Every Child Needs to Learn Water Safety)
Skills & Confidence
A child that swims learns confidence, motor skills, social skills, teamwork and integrates active, healthy lifestyle attributes early in life.  Swimming helps alleviate fear and build trust.  Children who learn to swim at a young age excel outside of the pool, too. In a recent four year study, children who participated in frequent swim lessons "were anywhere from 6 to 15 months ahead of the child's peer group when it came to cognitive skills, problem solving in mathematics, counting, language and following instructions.” (Study)
Healthy Living...For Life!
Few activities can have such a positive, enduring affect on our lives like swimming.  Unlike any other sport, swimming is a low impact activity and provides uniform resistance over the entire body. Frequent swimming develops the aerobic system, building endurance. In fact, a recently announced 32 year study of 40,000 people found that swimmers have about half the risk of death, compared to runners, walkers and inactive people. (Study, Add'l Studies)
Whether you're 2, 20, 50 or 80, swimming regularly can positively impact your life in countless ways!
Competitive Swimming
Swimming is an outstanding lifelong sport! From age group swimming to collegiate and masters swimming, our sport is safe, fun, competitive and rewarding. Swimming teaches us commitment, discipline, perseverance, goal-setting, how to manage failure and embrace success. Ask any professional swim coach what they see their swimmers' life skills provide their entire lives.  Over 70% of our graduating swimmers have earned college scholarships, and Trident has placed swimmers at the state, national and even the Olympics (Tokyo '20).
Tryouts for our new Junior Team (ages 8-13) are held, upon request, until all roster positions are filled.  For details, visit Trident's Website. and complete our online form.
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At Waves, we teach swimming lessons year-round in a dedicated, warm and shallow pool. Higher level classes are held in our state of the art competition pool  Our Red and White Wave classes maintain a very low 4:1 maximum student-to-teacher-ratio to ensure that your child receives acute attention and achieves results. Our passionate instructors strive to show kids just how fun and rewarding swimming can be. 

We are a membership based club and swim academy. Members of the aquatics club receive access to swim lessons, lap swims, open swims, clinics, private lessons, our strength and conditioning center, and more. A major recent study showed that swimmers who take lessons on a consistent, year round basis are almost 90% less likely to drown that children who do not take swim lessons. As a member, families do not "buy a swim class" or "session". Our classes run perpetually, allowing swimmers to begin whenever the time is right for them. Our perpetual lesson program ensures swimmers get results, and can be elevated to the next higher course when they are ready, instead of waiting until a class session ends.
Everyone's busy! Waves' FlexCLASS class structure allows parents to select class days and times that work best. If you prefer consistency and would like swim class at the same time, every week...or need flexibility in your busy week, you can select any available class any day, any time....all from your phone or computer!
Private Lessons: At Waves, we maintain a very low teacher:student ratio to ensure every swimmer is safe, receives great attention, and advances every time they visit the pool. We strongly believe in the learning benefits of small group classes. Little swimmers are incredibly adept at watching how other children move in the water. Group lessons allow them the opportunity to mimic the skills and motion being taught. Sometimes, however, kids need a bit more focused attention to develop a certain skill, or to overcome apprehension with the water.  Private lessons are available, and may be requested at our front desk or inquire online here.
Group Classes                         Monthly Tuition

FirstWAVE!                          4 Lessons Per Month            $59/Month
                                              8 Lessons Per Month          $109/Month
Red, White, Blue Waves     4 Lessons Per Month            $84/Month
                                              8 Lessons Per Month          $156/Month

Private Classes (1:1 ratio)

FirstWave, Red, White
and Blue Waves.
Adult privates.                   4 Lessons Per Month          $209/Month
Registration Fee and Welcome Kit
(Trident/Waves Club T-Shirt, Bag and Decal)     $39 per swimmer

*American Academy of Pediatrics Revises Recommendations on Learn-To-Swim*

Children who consistently take swim lessons reduce their chances of drowning by 88%. (Study)


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