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Lap Lane Reservations

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Swimmers! We all want a safe, carefully managed reopening of our pool to ensure we can keep on swimming! Please help us succeed at this! Here's a few key points...

1) To help us accommodate as many members as possible during this COVID-19 period, we ask that each member reserve a maximum of  4 swims each week.  We will limit the number of swimmers in each lane to 2.

2) Please help us accommodate as many swimmers as possible by arriving on time and completing your swim per your lane reservation. Ideally, we ask that your enter the club approximately 5 minutes prior to your swim, and plan to exit within 5 minutes so that our staff can effectively clean for the next swim session.

3) Locker rooms are now available to change and use the restroom. We ask that swimmers refrain from using the showers during this time.

4) Upon arrival, our staff will take your forehead temperature and log attendance.

5) If you are feeling ill at all, or believe you may have a fever, been around anyone who's had a positive diagnosis for COVID-19, we ask that you please refrain from entering the facility until you are certain that you do not have COVID-19.

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