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At Waves, we teach swimming lessons year-round in a dedicated, warm and shallow pool. Higher level classes are held in our state of the art competition pool  Our Red and White Wave classes maintain a very low 4:1 maximum student-to-teacher-ratio to ensure that your child receives acute attention and achieves results. Blue Wave max is 6:1) Our highly qualified and passionate instructors strive to show kids just how fun and rewarding swimming can be.  In just one year, we've graduated over 30 Waves Swim Academy Students to our Swim Team!

We are a membership based club and swim academy. Members of the aquatics club receive access to swim lessons, lap swims, open swims, clinics, private lessons, our strength and conditioning center, and more. A major recent study showed that swimmers who take lessons on a consistent, year round basis are almost 90% less likely to drown that children who do not take swim lessons. As a member, families do not "buy a swim class" or "session". Our classes run perpetually, allowing swimmers to begin whenever the time is right for them. Our perpetual advancement teaching approach ensures swimmers get results, and can be elevated to the next higher course when they are ready, instead of waiting until a class session ends.
Everyone's busy! Waves' FlexCLASS class structure allows parents to select class days and times that work best. If you prefer consistency and would like swim class at the same time, every week...or need flexibility in your busy week, you can select any available class any day, any time....all from your phone or computer!
Private Lessons: At Waves, we maintain a very low teacher:student ratio to ensure every swimmer is safe, receives great attention, and advances every time they visit the pool. We strongly believe in the learning benefits of small group classes. Little swimmers are incredibly adept at watching how other children move in the water. Group lessons allow them the opportunity to mimic the skills and motion being taught. Sometimes, kids need a bit more acute attention to develop a certain skill, or to overcome apprehension with the water. 



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Group Classes                                             __               Tuition
FirstWAVE!                          4 Lessons Per Month            $59/Month
                                              8 Lessons Per Month          $109/Month
Red, White, Blue Waves     4 Lessons Per Month            $84/Month
                                              8 Lessons Per Month          $156/Month
Private Classes
    FirstWave, Red,
 White, Blue Waves              4 Lessons Per Month          $139/Month
                                              8 Lessons Per Month          $209/Month
Registration Fee and Welcome Kit
(Trident/Waves T-Shirt, Canvas Bag, Decal)     $39 per child


BUSY schedules...we all seem to have them. At Waves, you design your child's lesson schedule on a weekly and monthly basis based on what works best for you; all from the convenience of your laptop or phone!  With FLEXCLASS, you have the freedom to adjust your child's swim lesson day and time, any time! For example, swimmers taking lessons twice per week can sign up for a 3:00pm Blue Wave class on Tuesday, and a 7:30pm Blue Wave class on a Thursday.  And if something comes up, just jump on your phone or computer and changes your child's next class!

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