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Oklahoma State Championship & Reg VIII Sectionals Team

Congratulations to our State Championship Team and our Sectionals Team!

This web page will serve as our team information hub for these two competitions.

March 5-7: Oklahoma State Championship
Location: Jenks, OK

Congratulations to our 30 member, 2021 Trident State Team: Sylvia Admire, Shelby Allee, Aidan Baker, Taylor Cook, Samantha Crane, Hannah England, Zack Garrett, Hadley King, Rachel Kramer, Alex Lane, Ahren Lamb, William Langley, Gabby Packard, Mitch Paiva, Janci Pangburn, Reece Pangburn, Rhett Pangburn, Mia Pendleton, Jacob Perryman, Summer Pfeiffer, Aidan Ratzlaff, Mallorie Reed, Will Schenk, Lilliann Schmeling, Levi Shugart, Meredith Stevenson, Brenlyn Vickrey, Kaylee Ward, Ryleigh Wells, Taylor White

The State Championship is a 3 day meet. All qualifiers (except 10 & unders) will compete in the morning preliminaries on the day of their scheduled event (see Meet Book for the full schedule). The top 8 athletes will then compete the same afternoon in the finals competition. 10 & unders will compete in a timed final in the evening finals session. Swimmers do not need to register for this meet, although it is appreciated if swimmers who have qualified that do not wish to swim let a coach know ASAP.
The State Team will receive a championship team shirt,  Coaches also encourage parents to purchase and wear a team shirt. This means a lot to our swimmers when they see their parents up in the stands. However, this is completely optional for swimmers. The order form for your family's shirts can be found on this web page.
As we get closer, coaches will be working with swimmers on an individual basis to schedule their taper training. We will also distribute additional information to help athletes get the most out of their taper, and thus, performances at State. Topics will include nutrition, mental rehearsal, sleep, etc.
As State gets closer, coaches will continue to post additional details here.  Until then, let's keep up our high level of training!
March 11-14:  Region VIII Sectionals 
Location: Jenks, OK

2021 Trident Sectionals Team

Sylvia Admire

Rachel Kramer

Mitch Paiva

Jacob Perryman

Janci Pangburn

Mia Pendleton

Meredith Stevenson

In "normal" years, all swimmers who achieve Sectionals QTs are offered the opportunity to compete in the 4 day Sectionals meet. Due to COVID-19, our Reg VIII Section is facilitating an "invitation" process, held in a similar fashion as the NCAA Championship Meet at the college level. Entries are due Feb 22 (like State, coaches will work with the Sectionals team on entries. Parents don't need to worry about registering their swimmer). On Feb 24th (or thereabouts), The Section will announce the list of invitees that are offered a position to compete. This will be a meritocracy, and the higher seeded swimmers are prioritized.
From a Trident culture standpoint, we couldn't be more proud of our Sectional qualifiers! To date, our team includes Jacob Perryman, Sylvia Admire, Rachel Kramer, Mitch Paiva, Mia Pendleton, Janci Pangburn and Meredith Stevenson.  We believe we'll have a couple additional athletes to announce after upcoming meets. ALL qualifiers, regardless of this unique selection process for the meet, represent our SECTIONALS TEAM. Nothing the selection board decides will in any way take away from the accomplishments of these athletes.  All team "swag" and benefits thereof, shall be provided to our entire Sectionals qualifiers. Furthermore, our Sectional qualifiers retain their "cuts" even after the season, meaning there's every chance to qualify and attend subsequent Sectionals meets (so long as any changes to the QT preclude the swimmer's current fastest time).  In other words...all Sectional qualifiers will get their chance to compete in Sectionals, if not this time...the next one. There's 2 Sectionals meet per year...March and August.
For our newer families, Sectionals is the first level up through USA Swimming's ladder of elite level meets in which there is no age group. There is a single qualifying time, and athletes of any age must achieve this time. In this way, the structure is just like the Olympic Trials, and athletes of any age may qualify.  For newer swimmers that are interested, the qualifying times can be found on the last page of the Meet Book (link above).
Best of luck to our Sectionals Team! You've earned this!
As a reminder....
March 15-21:  Team Break
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